Getting started with Mobile App Designing for better User Experience

App design is not a new thing in the market; though, it has been flourished significantly with the new tools and technologies arriving in the industry. With the development of iPhone and the App Store in 2008, the field of app design has become more interesting, as it finally got supported by good mobile hardware and ecosystem. The development of more and more apps in the industry has made the design of such apps become increasingly important to create powerful applications as well as creating a good user experience.

If you are also on the verge of developing a mobile app, you will have to hop over the best mobile design wagon. It is imperative and it can start with designing the mobile apps right away. However, here involves several things that should be taken into consideration while you are developing and designing your app so that it could yield some good returns for you in the market.


Be a Smartphone User First

Before stepping up towards mobile app development, you should first become an extensive mobile user. Simply, try to become a user before being a designer. This is because using the device and the apps will help you in understanding the needs and problems of a smartphone and app user. You should always retain your focus on either Android or iPhone app development as they are the most popular platforms to develop apps on. Next, come the Windows applications to learn about. So, you can even read the official design documents for all the platforms to understand the type of apps they feature on.

Visual Inspiration

On the basis of constant innovation and experimentation in the field of app development, mobile ecosystem changes constantly and a number of approaches are there being designed every day. Different types of apps are nowadays made available to the users from reading applications to productivity and to-do-lists, photo sharing and so on. All the apps have their own specific visual style and tone depending upon the context and the objective of the app.

Visual knowledge is the most essential factor to be possesses by every designer and that too exceptionally. It becomes even more important in the case of mobile design as every day a new interface is presented to the users, a new design pattern and mobile style is launched.  Being a designer, you should also watch and analyze others designs. It will give you a better knowledge and huge visual information for all the times you need to work over a project of your own.

Your involvement should be to find out how you can build a great app. There are hundreds of websites and portals that can make you available numerous high quality screens of mobile applications.

The importance of visual inspiration is not just due to enhancing looks of your app, but also covers the way in which a user interacts with it. Just try to bring new innovations in this area.

Design Patterns in Mobiles

First you should check out the existing patterns of mobile application design, and then start with designing the app keeping in mind the user expectations. These patterns will let you study as well as analyze about different types of interfaces, navigations and menus and utilize them as a base for your mobile app design, depending upon your content and your app developers. Numerous ways are there to accomplish all this in your mobile app design based upon your app’s objectives and your content. Design patterns will definitely help you out with checking already existed solutions and how it will affect your user interface.

Start Designing

After being informed about the mobile app designing, one should essentially hop over the next state. Just think about the type of design needed and select the app layout and screens and start creating those finally polished pixels in Photoshop. A large variety of design resources are available here to be used for designing your app.

Now, all such considerations are enough for starting to design an app right away. So, just try choosing your own platform, software, template and start being creative in the area of mobile app development.


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